Coramba – Monday 28th January 2013

Divers:  Brenden, Youri, Puspendu, Mick, Danny & Mark
Surface Crew: Marty, Justin, Mike, Keith & Ben

Our task today was to record the location of the portholes on the site, we had two teams of divers, each armed with slates & site maps. The conditions were good with flat sea and about 30metre viz, which is good but not great for diving 10 nautical miles out into Bass Straight. Half way through our recording on the map we came up to the opening to the Engine Room, so a quick swim through to inspect the engine and boilers & then we swim out through a small gap where the upside down hull doesn’t quite touch the sand and then it was back to work looking for portholes to record. This was Push’s first dive on the site, he was a part of the team found the Coramba nearly 18 months ago, and although diving a site like the Coramba is always something special to a wreck diver, I’m sure it meant a lot more to Push – diving the wreck that he found!  An hour and a half after entered the water, we all safely back on board the boat sitting in the glorious sunshine eating lunch & discussing just how lucky we are being a part of the dive we have just finished.