Euro – 29th June 2013

Divers: Youri, Pete, Puspendu, Tim, Mike & Mark

The good weather is still favouring us and divers are really taking advantage of it at the moment. The seas are flat & the viz is about 30metres. We are the last team off the boat & it sort of pays off because by the time we get to wreck everyone else is already starting their ascent, however the down side is all of the divers have already swam through the wreck & the viz on the inside is a bit low, all that is except for the guys that missed the wreck – Wreck diving Rule 101, follow the shot line all the way to the bottom. Even though the viz was down a bit the penetration was still good and it is interesting to note the changes in the wreck as it is deteriorating with time. With the Euro being such a small wreck we get to see plenty of it and we end our dive swimming around the wheel house, which itself has really fallen apart.