Euro – Sunday 19th January 2020

Divers:  Josh, Dave, Matt, Paul, Tim, Spike, Leo, Ben, Youri, Chris & Mark

It’s been a while for all of us, so todays trip out was filled with excitement as we steamed towards the Euro. With 16degree water & 25m plus viz, the wait has been well worth it. The Euro was a Tug boat and therefore, not all that big inside. So, the standard plan for the ‘entire dive boat’, has for the past 30 years, been to penetrate the wreck from the stern swimming towards the stem. This is exactly what my team do, starting at the stern, we drop through the main deck, the planks have been long gone. Swimming up the port side, we pass the toilets, then past the steam engine (how good is this), we then cut over to the starboard side, swimming between the engine & the boiler. The scuttling blast hole is here, we then turn left toward the bow again, swimming past the boiler into the bow. Here, we exit through the forward hatch, swimming around the bow, we then make our way back to the stern to check out the steering gear. 




Starboard Side

Blast Hole

Stern to Stem Spike!!