Flinders Pier – Saturday 16th October 2016

Divers: Andrew, Spike, Scott, Giullian, Des, Ziad, Gary, Tony & Mark

The planned dive site of Mornington Pier had to be changed due to the storm damage done to the pier from last weekend, in fact the ranger was putting up the ‘No Diving’ signs as we stood there looking at the water. The water conditions were very good at Flinders, although there was a slight nor’easterly chop. The viz was as good as its been for some time. The carpark was full of divers, just like us they were mostly doing training. Each buddy team entered the water once they were ready and all reported a great dive – with plenty of ‘weedies’to bee seen.
One of the best things about our divers, I think, is the way everyone is so willing to help out each other. Lost O rings are easily replaced just by calling upon the guy at the next car. Its amazing the redundancy some divers have, spare regs, masks, DRYSUITS, just about anything can be loaned sometimes. Of course there is always the price to pay for forgetting an O Ring or what ever, but that the ribbing only goes on for decade or so and then its’ soon forgotten.