Flinders Pier – Sunday 22nd October 2023

Divers: Priscila, Alex, Roman, James H, Seb, Nath, James C, Youri, Leo & Mark

The winds that stopped the bike grand prix also stopped our graveyard dive. We don’t waste a good dive day so it was off to Flinders Pier to join the Aquability Club divers. Whenever we run a skills dive, whoever turns up, has a reason to be there. Some are there to sort out equipment issues, some are honing skills & some just want to blow out the cobwebs from a few weeks off. I drove along Port Phillip Bay & the seas were breaking over the rock walls, piers & jetties, however being in the lee of the wind, Flinders was amazingly good. The tide was in & the water very clear, with not a sign of a wave. The constant drizzle as we changed into our suits was annoying, up to the point where we did our giant stride off the jetty & realised just how good the conditions were. Of course, the high light of the day was lunch at the cafe 🙂