Flinders Pier – Thursday 15th October 2015

Divers: Norm & Bert

Always happy to show off Melbourne’s great diving, I had the opportunity to guide a visiting Aucklander, Norm, under Flinders Pier. We had originally planned a boat dive, but with strong northerly winds we opted for Flinders and were rewarded with a great dive. After buddy checks, we entered with a giant stride off the left landing and after doing weight checks and adjustments, I was test diving a back plate, wing and twin 12 litre steel tanks, we found our first Weedy Sea Dragons and male and female Cow Fish before we had moved. We slowly swam the length of the pier and back stopping frequently to observe and photograph Weedy Sea Dragons, even found one with eggs, Leatherjackets, Pigmy Leatherjackets, Magpie Morwongs, Goat Fish, Globe Fish,

Nudibranchs, and a Swimming Anemone. We also picked up a number of Squid Jigs that had been lost by the local fishermen. The water is getting warmer at 14 deg C and visibility was 10 metres.


Bert 5a-1