The Grotto – Saturday 8th February 2014

Divers: Phill, Liz, Damian, Ian, Trevor, Jan, David, Mel, Stuart, Timo, Brad, Vincent, Brenton, Garth, James, Rebecca, Mark, Mark & Vikki,
The early bird catches the worm…….At 8:15am Aquability divers filled Seadragon and headed out to dive the Grotto. A glorious sunny day, water as flat as a cat, and visibility that you only dream of. We could actually see the terrain of the sea bed from the boat, which added to our excitement as we waited for slack water. Every time we dive this site it gets more and more spectacular. Last time we were greeted by a large Cuttlefish as we reached the rocky formation extending upwards from the sea bed. This dive, looking under the first ledge we came across, we spotted a huge crayfish. Believing that you don’t need to take every crayfish you come across, Ian and I left this beautiful creature to live another day. A little further on we spotted another large crayfish, that we also left to live another day. Blue devils, Leather jackets and Snapper were amongst the myriad of fish that dominated this dive site. Rocky ledges to explore, overhangs and swim throughs added to the excitement as we weaved our way through the Grotto. It was just about time to surface when Ian (a great spotter!) found a crevice under a rocky overhang that was home to 8 large Port Jacksons. Again, this dive proves that you don’t have to dive deep to see the marvels of the sea and to chalk up one of the best dives you’ll ever do!!! Congrats to Jan for successfully deploying his SMB for the first time.