J4 Sub – Sunday 24th February 2013

Divers: Geoff, Dan, James, Josh, Jarred, Mike & Mark

Once again we are first into the water (to cool off), the shot had been dropped on top of the Conning Tower, so this is where we start  our tour and after a quick look at the periscope sleeve we swim towards the bow. First, to the torpedo tubes on the outside, then around the bow to the break in the hull where our torches allow us to look in at the torpedo tubes on the inside and again a quick look into the hull of the boat .  We still have just enough time to swim the full length of the sub just in time to see some divers exiting out of through the Crews Quarters. Having done 5 dives over the weekend we had really worked on our trim & buoyancy control, which certainly showed as the group of 7 divers complete a text book perfect ascent. It was smiles all round as we sat in the cafe at Sorrento having lunch and discussing what a great day of diving we have just had and that our dives skills have improved immensely .