King Island, Tassie – 21/22 April 2018

Team: Daren, Giullian, Peter, Simon, Youri, Ben, Brendan & Mark

When Fallen Diggers required someone to search for a missing bomber, Beaufort A9-304, they contacted our team to run the search. The first task was to contact Vortex Air to secure sponsorship for the flights & accommodation, and then East West Salvage to supply a boat. With this all locked away all we then needed was some good weather. The team flew to King Island saturday morning, we had to prepare the boat and up with our side scan sonar, once this was done, we were out on the water by lunch time. Sunday we divided into two teams and this allowed us to spend over eight hours on the water. Although we were unsuccessful in finding the plane we did manage to cover 3.5 square kilometres of seabed. This has laid the foundation for future searches, experience tells us, with enough time on the water the plane will be found, eventually.