Milora – Sunday 9th June 2024

Divers: Seb, Nath, Pete, Chris, Liam, Matt & Mark

The Milora is the largest vessel in the Ships’ Graveyard, at 3347 gross tons she is over 1000 tons larger than the second largest ship, the Bunninyong. Built in 1920 & scuttled in 1925, she was a part of the Federal Governments dream of a having a Commonwealth Line of steamers. Her primary use was as a collier & general cargo carrier. It requires an extensive bottom time to cover the Milora in one dive, some thing we did not have the luxury of. However, we were able to cover a good portion of the site & there will definitely be another dive on the Milora for us. She has not been known for having great visibility, but today was at least 10metres, so we were happy with that, we mainly covered the aft end of the ship & next time we plan to do the bow.