Mornington Pier – Wednesday 2nd May 2012

Divers: Ben & Mark

The wind is 25knots from the south/west and swirling around our ears which is chilling to the bone, but the water conditions at the Mornington Pier are still quite good. Ben has just arrived from the heat of WA and I could tell by the look in eye he did not believe me as I am telling him ‘it’ll be fine you get used to it after a while’. With our usual entry we descend just after we pass the fishing boats, with the storm that went through the peninsular last night the bottom has been churned over & as soon as we start our swim towards the end of the pier I see some milk bottles that have not been exposed previously. We swim to the end of the pier on the inside, then around the far end returning on the outside. The first thing I notice is the rock formations have changed & the familiar indicators that I once used to navigate are no longer the same.  Once we are back to the building works we cut across back to the inside & I pick up a couple of the milk bottles. Then having  a bit of a poke around I find more & more bottles that were not here last Sunday. I score myself 5 milk bottles & a not so old Coke bottle, but we leave plenty behind. I suggest now is a great time to get down to the pier if you are interested in having a scratch around and possible pick an interesting bottle or 2. There is of course no $$ value to these bottles, but they are interesting from a nostalgia point of view.