Party Point – Sunday 20th September 2015

Divers:  Leo & Mark

Making the most of the fantastic conditions we decided to do another dive today. Entering the water just a few minutes before Slack water we drifted towards the Heads for about 8-10 minutes before the change of the tide turned us to the North. Our plan was to dive to a maximum of 35 metres, however once we reached this depth we soon realised that the terrain was substantially better slightly shallower, so we drifted back up to 28 metres. Here we found lots to look at, caves, swim throughs, overhangs and all sorts of fish, crayfish, sponges etc. By the time we send up our SMB we are up and over the wall and back to where the shot line was. Although the water temperature is slow to rise at the moment, it will very soon & the conditions we are getting right now are as good at it ever gets in Melbourne!!