Popes Eye & 18m Reef - Saturday 26th May 2018

Popes Eye & 18m Reef – Saturday 26th May 2018

Divers: Dave, Shaun, Kim, Kate, Chris & Mark

From time to time we run dives for no other reason than just to go diving, today was such a day. Conditions were perfect with the sun shining and not a breath of wind & oily flat water. Unfortunately the viz was not a great, but 4 metres was certainly good enough to make the most of the dive and at 15 degrees still quite comfortable. Popes Eye was to be a shake down dive, just make sure we had our stuff sorted for the deeper dive, ie: weights correct & all equipment adjusted just right. 18m Reef is a great dive site, with plenty of ledges, swim throughs over hangs. The fish life was amazing as we make our way along the reef, with just small amount of surge, we are able to use it to our advantage to cover as much ground as possible.