Portsea Hole – Sunday 6th November 2011

Divers: Push, Youri, Dave, Gary, Yong, Trevor, Matt, Aids & Mark

Portsea Hole is a training site that most other states in Australia would build if they could. It is the perfect site from a training point of view (without the current would be better perhaps), the line is laying back over the hole and as we descend I can see the bottom of the wall, all of our team are descending nicely together and the viz is so good that we decide to drop off the line & head straight for the 30metre bottom, although the
is not much to see here except for sand once we get settled and complete our given tasks we are now able to ascend to the 24 metre mark which is where all the action starts. Swimming towards the S/E the shallower depth gives us a bit more bottom time and this allows us to swim almost to the end of the wall.