Rye Pier – Saturday 21st December 2013

Divers: Mick, Peter, Sam, Tom, Lachlan, Hamish, Brad & Mark

The tide was in, the sun was out and the viz was 15 metres. We planned to do a couple of dives and the conditions could not have been better. One part of our dive plan was to get out to Elsie’s Reef. Our first attempt wasn’t as successful as I would have liked, however, we regrouped and had a second attempt which proved to be more fruitful. I’m not too sure what the go is with this reef, but it appears to me as though some has either made a bad attempt to re arrange the items or have made a bad attempt to trash the thing. Either way it has changed dramatically. It was a great day of diving and we are really looking forward to tomorrow with the weather forecast just getting better by the hour.