SHB Fawkner – Saturday 1st June 2024

Divers: Jim, Josh, Chris, Seb, Nath, James, Tim, Youri, Simon, Pete, Bas, Guy  & Mark

The conditions were good & although the swell was up a bit, it was at over 10 seconds and therefor just a nice rolling wave, with very little surface chop. Unfortunately the viz was not great, about 4 metres. The Fawkner is always a popular dive & I was surprised (but happy) that we were the only ones on the boat – champagne diving at its best :). The water temperature was 15 degrees, so we were still quite comfortable after an hour in to the dive, albeit was very nice to get back to Rusty’s for for a coffee. The Fawkner was used as an auxiliary naval vessel during the 1880s, at which time she was fitted with a deck gun. The gun was long since removed prior to scuttling, however, up until just recently the gun mount was still in situ.  I haven’t been able to locate the gun mount for a few years now, hopefully its just buried under the sand.