Sir William McPherson- Saturday 18th May 2019

Sir William McPherson- Saturday 18th May 2019

Divers: John, Di, Spike, Simon, Paul & Mark

Over the years, I’ve had to cancel dives for a variety of reasons, but today we nearly had to cancel due to a yacht race!! As we approached the dive site, we only had about 30m of vision due to the fog, our AIS Tracker was showing 20-30 yachts directly in our path. We had already slowed to 6 knots and posted a lookout on the bow of the boat due to the foggy conditions, now we had to be extra vigilant. The Sir Willy Mac is always a great dive, today was no different even though the viz was only about 4 metres, other wise the dive conditions were perfect, fog, flat seas and the sun was shining!!   




Foggy start to the day!

Yacht Race.