Sir William McPherson - Sunday 25th November 2018

Sir William McPherson – Sunday 25th November 2018

Divers: Tim, Youri, Ben, Simon, Spike & Mark

When the alarm rang at 4.15am this morning, I thought ‘there is nothing good about doing this dive’. It’s early, the seas out the back were still up (1.7m @ 8 seconds) and I need to carry 4 tanks to the end of Portsea Pier (and back again) and theres a real chance that the viz is going to be under a metre. But WOW, as I climbed the ladder to get back onto the boat I could see the smiles on the faces of the boys already up. On the descent we could see the wreck from about 30metres. There was no current at all and with the viz is 30m.  We had a 30 minute Bottom Time & at a depth of 56 metres that gave us 60 minutes of deco to do, even though the water temperature was only 14 degrees on the bottom, but that didn’t effect the quality of this dive. This is as good a graveyard dive as we have done in the last 2-3years!