SS Glenelg – Saturday 22nd June 2019

Divers: John, Graham, Youri, Rowan, Ian, David, Jeremy and Mark

After several false starts mainly due to the weather we finally managed to get out to dive the Glenelg. JL who has put in a lot of work on the Glenelg project (and many other SOE projects as well) was keen to take a couple of his regular dive buddies out onto some thing a little bit special – the Glenelg certainly fits that bill. I was keen to get back to the site that we had discovered exactly 10 years ago. Since it’s discovery the Glenelg has been heavily looted by local divers, which unfortunately detracts from the experience of diving the site. However, any dive that has challenges to get to dive, like the Glenelg does, always makes the dive a little bit special when you do get to complete the dive.  Despite being smashed apart by the looters the Glenelg still has plenty to offer, as with most shipwrecks the shifting sands sometimes reveal what normally is not available to see. I’m happy to report this is very much the case with the Glenelg.


An early start!!

Hand Rail or Curtain Rod & Bracket??



Marble Bottle.

Glass vessel.