Auriga – Saturday 6th August 2016

Divers: Tim, Mal, Jason & Mark

Conditions could not have been better (they could have  been warmer, but not better). The viz at Portsea Pier was 8-10 metres and the water was oily flat, the viz on the site was just as good and so was the water conditions. We had to wait for the dozens of dolphins to swim past before I could enter the water to avoid stepping on one. Built in 1930 as an iron Barque, 164 feet long, the Auriga was quite an impressive looking ship and she is still impressive today. Our 27 minute bottom time gave us just enough time to swim from the bow to the stern, although the viz was very good, it was also very dark requiring a good torch to allow you to see anything. We arrived at the surface an hour after starting out ascent, smiles all round was an indication of just how good this dive had been.