Thanks for Saturday! Had an absolute blast.

– Maggie 12/2/24


Thanks again for a great rescue course today!

– Fiona 7/3/23

Thanks for working with me, I have really enjoyed the experience you have born of years of diving that you and Bert have brought to the problems I present you with.

– Francis 6/3/23


🙂 Quality, Customer Service, Wait Time, Environment

– Feed back left on Square 22/2/23


FYI, tonight I have watched back the video of you explaining the dive planning, just to consolidate what I have learnt tonight. On watching back I have to say you did an excellent job of clearly and succinctly explaining dive planning. I am sure as an experienced teacher/instructor you would expect that would be the case, but I thought it was worth giving you the feedback as if no one does, you never know.
– Pete T 7/12/22 _______________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for all your time and knowledge, you and Tim were great during the course, I always felt looked after and confident in such unusual conditions being underwater.
– Marina 25/9/22

Thanks again for your fantastic support with the course dives. It was a hell of a lot of fun and I look forward to many more dives with you in the future.
– Ian S 31/7/22
I echo Ian comments – was a fantastic dive and a brilliant course with a great group of people. Here’s to many more – many thanks!
– Chris P 31/7/22

Thanks Ian and Chris for doing the course with me.  Also big thanks to you Mark for your guidance and instruction over that past few years!
Anton P – 31/7/22


I also just wanted to say thanks for the course. I really enjoyed it and thought the way that you and Tim taught us the practical side was great. It made it really safe and easy to follow for all of us.
Can’t wait for August to do the advanced course!
– David W 11/4/22

Highly recommend this scuba learning centre! Mark and his team are dedicated trainers. Mark’s instructions were clear and easy to follow. I can’t thank Tim enough for his reassurance and making sure I was ok throughout my dive. Thank you for your patience and professionalism! 🙂
– Adelen H 15/3/22


Brilliant instructors, well-planned and very fun atmosphere. Mark and Jeremie were very informative and friendly instructors who provided everyone in the group with confidence to succeed. We’re already planning on booking our next PADI course with Aquability! Would highly recommend this PADI dive shop, Mark, Jeremie and the team!
– Paul K 9/2/20


I did my Advanced Open Water with Mark. Very educative and professional plus super friendly. Definitely the best experience for me so far.
 Valentin P 27/11/19


‘Best dive centre in Vic and I have been to a few. Mark and the team are so generous with their time… ‘
Miriam T via Google My Business 14/6/19


“The Instructor – Mark, has a very sound knowledge of diving, was extremely helpful, is very patient and a pleasure to learn from. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to dive!”
James B via PADI Questionnaire May 2019

Hi Mark, thanks for the weekend it was great. You did a terrific job with great patience. Nic your second in command was fantastic and very helpful nothing was a problem, and always willing to help.
– Dale & Xavier S 15/1/18

Thorough Instructor     
Great Instructor
Myles B 14/1/18


“I originally took all coursework where I reside in the USA and decided to complete my open water dives with Aquability whilst visiting family in Melbourne for the holidays. Upon entering Aquability, we were greeted by Mark who was extremely personable and shared his stories about various wreck dives. 
Our dives were completed with Andrew. Andrew was extremely thorough in detailing the conditions we would experience during all four dives, what we will see and what skills we will practice. Andrew continually checked in with the group when he noticed someone may have been uneasy or nervous by asking the individual to discuss what they are feeling. He also recognized that I, as a diver, was feeling a bit pressured to descend as quickly as the others, so he encouraged that he and I buddy up on our descend to help ease my concerns. The emotional awareness Andrew had during this experience certainly made me feel comfortable in completing the course and he is a great asset to Aquability. 
I definitely recommend completing your PADI certification with this shop as they were amazing to work with! 
Marie Christoforou   28/12/17


“I purchased my wife a SCUBA course for her birthday, and as an additional bonus, I got to do it as well.
It has been a life long goal for both of us to learn to SCUBA , but it was with trepidation that we underwent the first day of training in the pool, after all, breathing underwater is an acquired somewhat unnatural skill.
Several times during the day, both my wife and I were just about to “pull the pin” when we couldn’t quite get the skills down pat.
I can honestly say that if it was not for Mark’s skills as not only an instructor, but as a very astute observer, we would have never persisted. Mark’s calm demenour, the very way he helped break down the skills into steps, and giving us the space and time to practice was key in getting us both through this very demanding day.
We ended the day exhausted, but with a sense of accomplishment.
Without Mark, we would not have completed the day successfully. For this, we are extremely grateful.
But Mark’s unique approach did not end there. After all, it’s a three day course.
Unfortunately, we had to reschedule the second day due to our busy work schedule. Mark’s attitude to this change was exceptional. Making sure that we set a date for the second day, and being nothing short of spectacular, Mark has accommodated this, all so we can complete the course and join pack of the SCUBA community.
Thanks Mark, we are very appreciative”.
Damian M 11/12/17


Hi Andrew,
“Learning to dive in Melbourne, Australia with Aquability was an absolute pleasure. The water was a bit cold, but we got well-equiped to overcome the harsh conditions.
Although the water was a bit cold, we had perfect conditions when diving at Rye Pier and in the open water. Only one time we experienced bad visibility and therefore me and my buddy actually got lost from the rest of the group, but as we got taught by a great instructor btw (Andrew), we searched for the other group for 60 seconds before ascending to the surface. By taking the Open Water Padi Course at Aquability I now feel ready to go to the great barrier during the spring break. In overall an absolute pleasure taking the course through Aquability, with some great instructors! ”
–  13/9/17 Simon Boisen Andersen, on exchange in Melbourne, from Denmark


Hi Andrew,
                   “Again, thank you for a great PADI course. We all enjoyed it!”
 Mikkel 12/9/17


Hi Mark
“Thanks again for everything, we truly had an amazing time over the past couple weekends”.
– Michelle L 14/3/17


“Thanks very much Mark for teaching my younger two children! It sounds like it was a very positive experience; from an experienced diver and teacher.
It sounds like we will meet and perhaps dive together in the near future!”
Di K 1/1/17


Hi Andrew. 
“Thank you again for your patience and guidance on last week’s dive – It’s truly a reflection of the great ongoing support you and Mark continue to offer and makes for a seamless dive experience. I hope to back in the water with you again soon.”
Ray B 29/12/16

Hey Mark,
“just a quick note to say a big thanks to Peter & Anita for looking out for Jack on the recent Open Water Dive Course.  Jack loved it & is now keen to go diving!”
– Tania A 22/12/16