Beverwejk – 15th September 2013

Divers: Pete, Chris, Tim, Andrew, Ben, Youri, Paul, Keith & Mark

We had arranged ourselves into teams for the tasks at hand and each team was armed with the appropriate tools required to complete their work, we were continuing our work on the Fawkner identification project. Conditions were good & as we dropped to the seabed the viability was about 20 plus metres, unlike our dive the week prior. I was hoping this would be the final dive that put to rest the issue of whether or not the site we are diving as the Fawkner is in fact the Fawkner. However as we descended, what came into our view was the old familiar sight of the Beverwejk and certainly not one of the sites that we have been diving as the Fawkner. It was a great dive anyway and we now have another reason to plan a graveyard dive to the elusive Fawkner.