Blairgowrie Jetty – 20th July 2014

Divers: Rhys, Fiona, Christian, Scott & Mark

The photographers were out in force today in what is possibly the best dive conditions I have ever seen at Blairgowrie, always a popular site with the photographers, today the viz was at least 15, maybe 20 metres, the water was oily flat and just a slight ebb current. On our way to the end of the jetty we see the giant rays, first the smaller one swims straight at us under the jetty, veering off at the last minute to disappear off in the distance, then the larger of the 2 swims besides us. We had only just arrived at the end of the jetty and there to greet us is a Blue Ringed Octopus just standing out in the open walking around, of course once we arrive he moves off. There was plenty see, Star Gazers, Puffer Fish and all the crabs etc.
Sure the water temperature is down slightly (well quite a bit really), however Winter does always produce the best diving conditions and today was something special.