Boarfish Reef & Popes Eye - Sunday 28th November 2021

Boarfish Reef & Popes Eye – Sunday 28th November 2021

Divers: Burt, Alice, Andrea, Andrew, Idun, James & Mark

Once again this season, the forecast was hard to pick & it wasn’t until we arrived at the pier and could look at the water that we knew for sure that we would be able to dive. Once at the dive site it was still a little bit choppy on the surface, but once we descended and were on the bottom the chop had no effect on the dive conditions. The fish life was amazing, Blue Devils, Leather Jackets, Boarfish (of course), Scalyfins & lots more :). We were right where the reef started to drop off towards the channel & the topography was spectacular, there were over hangs, swim throughs & plenty of rocky out crops. All too soon it’s time to ascend & we have to end our dive. Our second dive was Popes Eye, again the fish life was abundant & we spent quite a bit of time just drifting along the rocks checking out the fish. With the boat as full as it was, the site was a bit crowded, especially Popes Eye not being all that large an area, there were plenty of divers every way you looked – but I think we all agreed that it was just good to be back in water :).