Castle Rock – 14th January 2012

Visibility: 10m+                  Water Temperature: 21 Degrees

Divers: Wolf, Geoff, Matthew, James, Melissa, Aoife, Katharina, Bryce, Louise, Scott, Mark, Mark, Vikki

We had planned on doing Lonsdale Arches, but because of the water conditions, we opted for a more protected site. Castle Rock was a great alternative. With the line being dropped in at 11m, on top of the reef, it was an easy descent. There was quite a bit of current, but we managed to swim in and out of the rocky formations and to see lots of the fish that make this beautiful dive site their home. We were lucky enough to find the line at the end of our dive to do our ascent. Nobody managed to catch a Cray….but there were sightings of some really big Crays. A big gold star to Matthew for going
ahead and doing this dive!!