Coogee & J4 Sub – Saturday 20th June 2020

Divers: Anton, Foti, Chris & Mark

With a couple of days of Northerlies, ‘outside’ was flat, even the Heads were flat. Our departure time was early, too early to mention, so it was still darkish as we descended on our first dive, in the flash of our lights the wreck soon becomes visible and after we settle on the bottom, we then make our way to the stern and back again.
Our second dive was the J4, once again, after settling on the bottom we make our way the the bow, entering the sub through the break. We cruise our way to the engine room opening. Exiting here to prepare for our ascent, I notice the time is only 9.50am & thought to my self, “I’ve just done two great dives and will be having lunch soon”.