Coogee & J4 Sub - Saturday 27th October 2018

Coogee & J4 Sub – Saturday 27th October 2018

Divers: Robert, Gary, Tim, Roger, James, Christian, Tim & Mark

The forecast had been looking good all week and although the breeze did come up a bit last night, crossing The heads was relatively calm and the conditions, once out, were very good. The water had a blue haze that we don’t see all that often diving in Melbourne, but we all knew what it meant – 30 meters of viz. and with only a small amount of current this was as good as it gets diving in Melbourne. We could see the boilers from the stern & then see the bow from the boilers. The viz on the J4 wasn’t as good (closer in) but it was still 15plus metres. The surge had picked up slightly but this was still am amazing dive. If this what this season’s dive conditions are going to be –  we are in for a very big summer of diving.