Coogee – Sunday 23rd November 2014

Divers: Debbie, Tony, Jorge, Ben, Chris, Youri, Nick, Pete & Mark

Fantastic conditions continued through Sunday, flat seas 25 metre plus viz & 18 degree water. We could see the wreck from about 4 or 5 metres deep, we didn’t even need to use the shot line. There was a slight current but nothing to worry about as we swam from Stem to Stern, the Coogee is always an interesting dive, with plenty to look at. Although most of the ship lies flat on the bottom, there are several areas that stand up and are well worth the time to explore. The deck crane & forward hold hatch coaming, the boilers, bow and of course the stern that stands up ever so proudly is a must to see when diving the Coogee.

One of the Huddart parker fleet, she was requisitioned as a Mine Sweeper during the First World War and was one of a fleet of 4 ships that were all supposedly named inline with transport – Alert, Courier, Despatch – I’m not sure what happened with the Coogee, but it is named after a beach in South Sydney!!