Devils Drop Off – Sunday 1st April 2012

Divers: Jenann, Ian, Leo, Derick, Carlos, Mark, Youri, Brenden, Stephen, Paul & Mark

If one day is a long time in politics, then 12 hours is a long time in diving! Only 12 hours ago we were thinking that we would have to cancel our dives due to the weather, but as walk down the Portsea Pier & look at the water it is as flat as the night mans hat. So we get to dive at Devils Drop Off or there abouts, dropping over the wall with 20m viz makes stopping at planned depth of 38 metres difficult because all we have that sensation that we could swim down forever in such great conditions. After our planned bottom time we start to make our way up the wall, a very large Bull Ray joins us for a few minutes topping off what was an extremely sensational dive!