Diving Truk Lagoon – July 2018

Divers: Yoza, Ben, Simon, Tim, Paul, Vikki, Gary, Leo & Mark
Snorkelers: Susan, Rose & Denise

25 dives in 13 days of diving some of the best wrecks of WWII left us wanting more. The water temperature here is 29 degrees with 30 metres viz. We have done some amazing dives, I think the stand out dives have been the Oite Destroyer & Katsuranasan Maru, these two sites are rarely dived due to the depth, but well worth the extra effort required to get to dive them. All too soon our trip has come to an end and its time to head home – well we would but, apart from the fact that our plane was cancelled at the last minute we would be back in Melbourne by now. You soon get used to little hiccups like this when staying on a small island and as we sit and wait for news of our plane talk has already turned to planning our next adventure.