Eaglehawk Neck, Tassie – Easter 2015

Divers:  Ben, Andrew, Nick, Jacob, Steve, Brendan, Bradley, Vikki  & Mark
Support Crew: Benji, Sarah & Denise

Once again the weather was fantastic down in Tassie, we had a bit of swell on the Friday afternoon, but after that flat seas, 30 metre viz & sunshine every day, with just a few showers now & then. We dived all the iconic sites that Eaglehawk Neck has to offer, we started with the Nord, what a great wreck dive this is. Those that were on the trip for the fist time were amazed at just how good this dive is. We did some Wall/Reef dives which everyone loved. There is such a variety of reef diving here that there is a great site suitable for every divers taste and all in kinds of weather you will be able to dive somewhere. Just the boat ride out to the dive site was worth the cost of admission!! We dived the Giant Kelp, although there has been a lot of talk about the Kelp Beds disappearing, we always seem to have plenty of Kelp to dive in. And of course we dived the caves, even after twenty something years of diving the sea caves, I’m still exploring new areas & finding tunnels I haven’t dived before. As always with our diving food played a large part in our day, so apart from discussing the dive we had just completed on the boat ride home every debrief ended in a discussion on what was for dinner & what wines would be suitable for the meal!!! Vikki & I would like to thank everyone on the trip for making this such an enjoyable experience. Any little hiccup along the way was quickly sorted out with a team that worked well together as a team & everyone made an effort to pitch in when required. We would also like to thank Mick & Karen our hosts from Eaglehawk Neck Dive Centre, once again they put on an incredible display of hospitality and the whole weekends diving was professionally run and fun for everyone.