Eliza Ramsden – Sunday20th December 2015

Divers: Simon, Vinnie, Michael, Tony & Ian

Oh WOW, what a special dive this was today. The weather was hot and the seas were calm. We arrived at the dive site near Point Nepean, just on the edge of the shipping channel and waited for slack water. We all jumped in as a group and started to descend. At about three metres, looking down we could see the whole wreck even the concrete plinth displaying the plaque with the details of the wreck on it. What a stunning sight. Visibility was 30 metres plus. There was a slight Ebb tide still running but it was still comfortable for diving. Around the ship there was quite a lot of fish with lots of colourful growth on and around the wreck. On returning to the boat, everyone was excited about the dive and there was lots of chatter all the way home.
Happy 48th birthday to Tony. (I promise I won’t tell anyone)