Euro – Saturday 5th December 2020

Divers: Di, John, Paul, Chris, Ben, Youri, Tim, Josh, Anton, Foti & Mark  

With the forecast fairly consistent all week, today was always going to be a great day out on the water, we expected a little bit of slop, but it wasn’t to be. The Euro being a Tug boat is quite small, compare to some other sites, & with 20 divers, clear space was at a premium. I buddied with Anton & Foti & we were in early & therefore had a good run at the full length penetration before the others arrived on the scene.
All the usual sights were there – toilets, Triple Expansion Steam Engine, Tow Anchor, Boilers, Steering Quadrant etc. The water temperature was 16 degrees, so our deco was quite pleasant & made all the more enjoyable with Seals & Dolphins swimming with us!!   




Anton on Deco.

Foti & a Seal on Deco




SMBs bobbing in the seas whilst divers are completing their deco.