Euro – Sunday 23rd December 2012

Divers: Β Mark M & Mark

Another early start but the conditions once again were perfect, we transited the Heads just as the sun was rising, with oily flat seas and great viz we were in for a treat. The Euro is a tug boat and therefore not as large as some of the other ships in the Graveyard, but it does have some great penetration. All on the boat had agreed to start the penetration at the stern of the ship, therefore not having to pass each other in the tight restrictions around the boilers – this worked well. We started the dive by inspecting the stern with the rudder post & prop shaft, then into the wreck swimming down the port side past the steam engine this brings us to the boilers where we turn hard right a thwart the ship to the starboard side passing just near the explosion hole that was caused when the ship was scuttled. Then through to the bow where we exit and have just enough time to swim from one end to the other end over the top of the ship, then ready to ascend.