The Far Side – Saturday 21st January 2017

Divers:   Giullian, Des, Nick, Simon & Mark

Our dive site was in fact slightly west of The Far Side, but wow what a site it was. This is a very spectacular part of the wall, we were doing some training drills and therefore we didn’t get to cover as much of the area that we would like to have of. All sorts of overhangs, ledges, bommies this area has it all!! The tide was turning to an Ebb, it comes on about 10 minutes in to our dive, and we start to drift along the wall. The 30 metre viz and 20 degree water certainly helped us enjoy the dive. Our maximum depth was 30 metres but the wall drops down to at least 45-50 metres I would say. This part of the wall has some thing for every one & I for one will be booking on to dive this site again as soon as possible.  


The pleasure of an early morning dive!!