Fawkner – 21st September 2013

Divers:  Louise, Keith, Chris, Youri, Darren, Tim & Mark

There has been much debate over the years as to which wreck is which in the Graveyard, we have been diving 3 different sites over the years and they were all called the Fawkner. Through a process of elimination we have worked our way though the different sites and this Fawkner seemed to be right one. We descended onto the stern, 25 metre viz,  immediately Keith tied off a wreck line and we swam it out to the bow. We had a knot tied in the line at 165 feet, this turned out to be reasonably accurate. The boiler was situated just a few feet from the stern and the ‘Strongback’ was clearly visible as we swam over the ‘hopper’ towards the bow. It was agreed during our discussions over lunch that this site is in fact the Fawkner – unless of course it’s the Dunloe, stay tuned.