Finger Reef – Saturday 28th January 2012

Visibility:  25m         Water Temperature: 21 Degrees

Divers : Peter, Diane, Barb, Melissa, David, Wolf, Carmel,  Mark, Trevor, Sharon, Vikki

Five guys (yep, all in touch with their feminine side) joined us girls for the ‘Ladies Day’ dive. None of us had dived Finger Reef before so we were all looking forward to diving a new site. With calm waters we motored out to the dive site. We knew we were in for a treat when we could see the sea bed, some 20m below us, from the boat. With only a slight current, we were able to set about searching for Crays, exploring the crevasses, ledges and rocky swim throughs. Spectacular  Blue Devils, large Leatherjackets and
schools of Old Wives made great subjects for the photographers. This site also turned out to be quite a hot spot for Crays. Trevor and Carmel were  lucky enough to nab themselves a Cray, and there were many reports of ‘the one that got away’ from other divers. While we were doing our safety stop, I could clearly see divers 25m away from me, very reminiscent of diving in clear tropical waters. As we headed back to Portsea  we toasted our great dive with champagne (pink, of course!) with strawberries, and nibbled on chicken and Nanna Morgan’s choc-mint slice (Thanks to Trevor’s Nanna ).
Thanks to the ladies that came along and the guys that joined us.