Flinders Jetty - Saturday 19th January 2013

Flinders Jetty – Saturday 19th January 2013

Visibility: 15m+                  Water Temperature: 22°
Divers: Catherine, Dan, Mark, Vikki
Surface Crew: Michelle, Victoria, Phil

With a lot of our regulars off doing their deep course this weekend, we decided to go and see how the Weedy Seadragons were going. There appeared to be quite a few juveniles and we didn’t see any of the Weedys carrying eggs, and although we were looking in the weed as we swam along, we didn’t manage to find the nursery, so I think we will be going back to this site soon to continue the search.
With such fabulous ‘Tropically clear’ conditions, we swam the length of the jetty, had a look at the small wreck at the end and then swam along the old part of the jetty leg that used to extend north/east. It was when we were doing our return swim under the jetty that we came across a ginormous Stingray, the size of a medium size car. I don’t think that we have ever seen a Stingray so large, under a pier before. Even Phil who saw it from the pier thought it was huge! As usual there were Goat fish feeding on the seabed, gorgeous Ornate Cowfish and magnificent pylons thriving with marine life.