Flinders Jetty – Saturday 25th May 2019

Divers: John, Conor, Katie, John, James, Joe & Mark

With a strong nor’ westerly forecast, we once again drove to Flinders to dive, and once again conditions were very suitable. Although the viz was down to about 4-5m at best, it was still most enjoyable. The water temperature is still around the 15 degrees. The fish life were out and about, with plenty of Weedy’s to be found and just as we were ending our dive a large Bull Ray came for swim. The fisherman too are out and about, but they were happy to move and let us an area to dive in and we were happy to stay in our area and not interfere with the fishermen, so everyone was happy! The forecast is looking OK at the moment so fingers crossed we will get out for some great boat dives this weekend?