Flinders Pier - Saturday 15th September 2018

Flinders Pier – Saturday 15th September 2018

Divers: Robert & Mark

Despite to cold conditions, it was still an exciting day for Robert, he had purchased some new equipment (backplate, wing, regs & drysuit etc) and today we were taking them into the water for the first time. As always, I wanted to make sure he was ‘the full bottle’ on the use of his new equipment, so I went along to give some pointers on the use of his new gear. Despite the 35 knot westerlies the dive conditions were still pretty good, the viz was down a bit and there was some surge, but the surface conditions were great. The only other divers at Flinders were diving off on the west side of the pier so Robert & I had the pier to our selves. I din’t check the water temperature, how ever not at any time did I even think of the temperature I so warm in the water. September is traditionally the month when the dive conditions really start to pick up, so I’m sure dive sites are going to start to get busier as conditions improve.