Flinders Pier - Saturday 17th September 2022

Flinders Pier – Saturday 17th September 2022

Divers: Pete & Mark

We had planned to dive at Mornington Pier, unfortunately, the weather had other plans for us, so off to Flinders we drove. The conditions at Flinders were great & there are plenty of divers here taking advantage of a good opportunity to dive. After spending a few minutes sorting out Pete’s new drysuit, we then swim to the end of the pier, passing the many photographers who are spending time getting some shots of the many Weedy Sea Dragons & I hope they also managed to get off a few shots of the very large Smooth Back Ray enjoying a meal in the weeds just off to the side of the pier. It would have been nice if the drizzling rain had stopped long enough for us to get dressed with out having to stand under the car tail gate, but the drizzle is a small price to pay for such a greta dive. 🙂