Flinders Pier – Sunday 12th August 2018

Divers:  Anton, Foti, Christian, Josh, Daren, Push, Simon, Youri, Ben, Chris & Mark

With all boat dives being cancelled each weekend over the past 4 weeks (due to weather) when todays dives were also cancelled we planned a dive under the pier, just to get into the water. Flinders was our obvious choice due to the strong westerlies blowing. We entered the water close to high tide, this gave the best viz and also some extra depth. Everybody had a reason to be there today, whether checking out new equipment, getting reacquainted with old equipment or just shaking out the cobwebs. Flinders Jetty is well know for the Weedy Sea Dragons, there weren’t a lot about today, but there is always one or two to be seen irrespective of the water temperature. Photographers love this site for the ‘Weedy’s’, so do new divers who often are experiencing the wonders of our underworld for the first time. What ever your reason for diving here Flinders Pier is a great dive site. 


Weedy Sea Dragon