Flinders Pier – Sunday 14th July 2019

Divers: Ben E, Nick, Joe, Josh, Robert, Ben J, Youri & Andrew

With a prediction of strong westerly winds we knew that the weekend boat dives would be cancelled. But rather than being deterred we saw it as an opportunity to do a training dive instead. Flinders is quite protected from westerly winds, although with a week of wind and rain we weren’t expecting much visibility, which is fine for a skills session. Some of us were testing out new pieces of kit and others were getting back into the water after a bit of a hiatus. Predictably the viz wasn’t at its best but we were able to maintain buddy contact and practice our skills. We even got to see one of the famous Flinders weedy sea dragons. Back in the car park the dive debriefing quickly became a lunch planning session. Bangers and mash at the Flinders Hotel was a fine way to end a winter dive.