George Kermode – Monday 7th January 2013

Divers: Keith & Louise

After getting to Phillip island saturday night. my uncle said ‘where is this ship you want to dive, I’ll take you Monday’ so a quick trip to Aquability for air fills in readiness for the dive, after getting back to the island from a 5 hour trip, it looked like the dive might not go ahead because of boat troubles, but after a quick repair Monday morning it was back on, next question, what are we going to use as a shot. So I found a couple of milk bottles, some Telstra rope, but what to use as a weight, I couldn’t even find a brick, but the cast iron umbrella stand will do. We made a dive flag using two tea towels, then we were ready, then I say ‘hey where is the GPS in this boat!.
Oh no. No GPS. A quick search and I found an app for the iPad which worked perfectly. So after an hour steam to the site we found  it in about 10 minutes, now time to dive. We descended and landed on the bow and began our exploration. It was a great wreck to explore, but unfortunately there was a lot of surge so couldn’t get inside and explore, there is come great gear wheels and equipment to look over and some massive breaks in the hull. We did a couple of laps and after 45 minutes it was time to begin our assent. Can’t wait to get back but maybe next time in swell smaller than 2.5 meters.

Keith & Lou