The Grotto – Saturday 11th January 2014

Visibility: 20m+                  Water Temperature: 21°
Divers: Spencer, Ian, David, Spike, Vikki

An absolutely amazing dive!! Weather conditions and water conditions were perfect, with the sun shining through the very clear water offering us visibility second to none. Taking a giant stride from the boat, we descended to the top of the reef and we were immediately greeted by a giant cuttlefish sitting gracefully amongst the kelp. It didn’t end there. Swimming amongst the rocks, overhangs & swim-thru’s the terrain, itself, was fabulous. The marine life was second to none with iridescent Blue Devils, a school of Barracuda, a Port Jackson, and even the odd Crayfish was spotted wedged in the crevices of this beautiful marine landscape. A fantastic dive, that everyone is still talking about. This is definitely a ‘must do again soon’ dive!!!!