J1 Sub – Monday 10th June 2013

Divers: Mike, Vinnie, Justin, Tim, Chris, Matt, Rodney, Youri, Keith, Louise  & Mark

5.30am as we park the car out the front of DV, its dark and cold but the wind has dropped to below the forecast and diving conditions are going to be fantastic outside the Heads. The water temperature is still very cosy 15 degrees and once we enter the water, the fact that it is winter doesn’t even enter our minds, our focus is on the Sub below waves. The early start didn’t put too many divers off as the boat is quite full, my team is the last to enter the water, our plan is to stay on the top of the sub – which we have all to ourselves as everyone else has penetrated in the mild conditions.  When we resurface the sun shinning and we have a very enjoyable trip back to the dock, once back the talk in coffee shop during our surface interval is all about how much we enjoyed that dive & just how good the next dive will be because we plan to swim through the wreck on this dive.