J4 Sub 5th February 2017

Divers: Evie, Frans, Mark, Leo, Des, Ian, Brad, Elisabeth, Victor & Mark

Fortunately by the time we were diving the Sub today the swell had dropped right off and the conditions were quite good, in fact good enough to allow the majority of the group to penetrate the wreck. The J4 Sub is always a favourite dive, the out side of the sub has so much to offer the diver, but swimming through the sub is some thing special. The J4 is not as complicated as the other subs to navigate through, which makes it such a great dive for the newer wreck diver. Divers penetrating it for the fist time always have a list questions about the interior of the sub, the fittings, the layout etc, that most of the more frequent divers either just take for granted or maybe already know about. Although the viz on the bottom was 15 or so metres we did encounter a halocline at about 10metres, which was very milky but also very warm.