J4 Sub & New Deep Bommie - Sunday 17th May 2015

J4 Sub & New Deep Bommie – Sunday 17th May 2015

Divers:  Giullian, Scot, Ross, Jorge, Tony, Rich, Scot, Pete & Mark

We always say Melbourne divers are amongst the best divers in the world, this is because of the conditions that we sometimes  dive in, I think this weekend has proved that to be very true. After Saturday’s dives we enter the water knowing that the viz is not going to be great, however, now experienced in low viz diving, we are able to cope quite well. Everyone knows what to do to keep the team together and to achieve the dive goals. Whilst other teams are hesitant in descending, our team are able to pass these divers on the shot line, continue to the bottom & complete the dive safely, comfortable and competently.  At the end of a tough weekends diving I feel w all come away from the experience better divers than when we started.