J4 Sub – Sunday 10th October 2015

Divers:  Spencer, Mick, Robert, Ian, Simon, Vinnie & Mark

Having recently completed a Wreck Diver course we were keen to make the most of what we had learnt to enhance our next wreck dive. The plan was to enter the sub at the ‘break’, swim through the sub until we reach the rear bulk head and then make a decision on what to do from there. On entering the water we soon realise that we can see the entire sub from about 15 metres, so, with the shot line about 20 metres rear of the conning tower, we decide to stay at 15 metres and swim to the bow, conversing our gas and then start our dive. There are a few divers already in the sub, so we wait our turn, eventually we end up at the bulk head that is the entrance to the crews quarters. With moderate surge we first we assess the suitability of penetrating through the crew quarters. Once the discussion to ‘go’ is made we enter through the bulk head hatch, we make our way through the crews quarters until we eventually reach the very rear hatch. Here we squeeze out and up, eventually coming out at the rear hatch. Making our way back to the Conning Tower it s now time to start our ascent.