J5 Sub – 28th January 2012

Divers: Keith, Louise, Youri, Push, Ben, Chris & Mark

Our shot line had been dropped aft of the conning tower and with our limited bottom time at 37 metres we decided just to spend our time at the stern. The large rudder and struts for the outer props are still in great conditions and an inspection of this area makes for an interesting dive, the shallower J4 sub has its stern buried in the reef and it’s not often that you get the chance to see the underside of the subs. Sticking our heads down into the hatch (no surge) we see the divers swimming through from the bow, their torches lighting up the entire sub, looking back towards the stern there is a faint light from the very rear hatch behind the crews quarters. Our time is up and we have to leave, there is a definite thermo cline at about 20 metres, half way through our safety stop I feel a fish bitting my hand, a small Leather Jacket – he has swam all the way up from 37 metres just to bite me – what is with these fish??